SEO Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Search Engine Optimisation Organic search is also called SEO, Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization). Its objective is to get a website listed in search engines like Ask, Bing, Google and Yahoo to name a few, for a specific keyword typed into a search engine. When people are looking for a specific resource, they will typically go to one of the aforementioned search engines and type in a keyword or keywords to find websites about that resource. The search engine will then list websites it has listed in its index, these listing are hyperlinked making them clickable so the searcher can visit the website deemed most relevant. If your website is listed in the search engines index for this keyword you can consider your website has been deemed optimised for this keyword by the search engine. If you intended your website to be listed for a keyword then you have successfully engaged in search engine optimisation (SEO) otherwise the search engines algorithm has decided you should be.

PPC AdWords Optimisation

PPC AdWords Optimisation PPC or Pay Per Click is a form of online marketing where you are charged whenever someone clicks your advert. Each search engine has itís own platform, Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter are two popular systems. In essence the system works by you choosing keywords you want your advert to appear for and then choosing how much you are willing to pay if your advert is clicked. Effectively you are bidding for advert space, if someone else has bid a higher price their advert will be prioritised over yours, so the more you bid the higher your chances of your advert showing and the higher it will be placed in the PPCís listings. Pay Per Click can be an effective form of marketing but can become very expensive if your keywords are very popular. It can prove worthwhile hiring a PPC Management Specialist that specialises in Pay Per Click systems like AdWords as a good PPC Management Company will be able to reduce your cost per click (CPC) or improve your click through rate (CTR) which would cover or offset any management charge.

SMO Social Media Optimisation

SMO Social Media Optimisation Like SEO, SMO (Social Media Optimisation / Optimization) has become important with the rise of social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to name a few. Itís important to find a specialist company that understands how your business would benefit from using social media and their advertising and promotional marketing tools. Trying to use the same SEO or PPC techniques are likely to prove unsuccessful wasting your marketing budget and valuable time. Some agencies have the in-house capability and experience to handle the full mix of SMO, SEO and PPC improving strategic planning, maximising your budget and opportunities. Sitemap Sitemap Sitemap Sitemap

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